Large and small tree removals

Getting rid of a tree can be a hard decision, but sometimes it’s the only option.

There are many reasons trees need to be removed from our environment:

  • their root systems can create structural problems for our houses and footpaths
  • some grow larger than we expected when it was planted many years before
  • lightning strikes can make trees unstable and dangerous
  • the harsh winters and summers and high winds can affect the integrity of the tree, causing large branches to fall.
  • trees can become diseased and unstable.
  • Damaged by rough weather
  • Dead or dying or diseased limbs threatening your safety
  • Blocking planned construction areas
  • Roots causing damage to your property
  • Harbouring pests
  • Canopy or leaf fall causing problems or irritation


The Ideal way of removing a tree

When we remove a tree, we make sure everything is done right first time, with the right safety practices, the right equipment, and the right process.

As a professionally qualified and fully insured arboriculture company, Ideal Tree Services takes no shortcuts. When you choose us, you can rest assured that you’re getting the highest level of service and care, from start to finish.

1 Reminder to check protection status

Before we begin, we’ll remind you to check whether the lucky tree is protected under council regulations. Unfortunately we can’t do this for you, but we will be here to consult and offer advice on the process if you need it.

1 Planning and preparation

We’ll survey the area and formulate a plan of attack. Not all trees can be felled the same way – some can be cut down in one go, but others require a section-by-section approach. Once we know exactly how we’ll approach things, we’ll brief our team and get started.

1 Tree removal – safety first!

Our skilled team of qualified climbers and arborists will get to work. We always put safety first; our safety, your safety, and your property’s safety.

1 Chipping, grinding and clean-up

Once the tree has been felled, we’ll clean everything up. If you’d like to keep any mulch or firewood, let us know !

We will also grind the stump down upon request. Please see our Stump Grinding page for more information.