Pruning and Maintenance

The Ideal answer to overgrown and unruly trees

If you have a problem tree that is blocking gutters, encroaching on power lines, ruining a nice view or blocking out the sunlight or affecting solar panels, Ideal Tree Services can help.

If you’re looking to prepare for storm season or trying to prevent limbs from falling in future, we can also help by removing dead or dying branches before they come down naturally.

As fully qualified and insured arborists, our aim is to keep your trees as healthy as possible while carefully removing any issues or threats that they may be causing.

Whether you’re a homeowner, real estate, body corporate, business or government body, we can complete any job of any size.

Our Tree Surgery and Maintenance services

Canopy Lifting

Remove low-hanging branches to create more space under the tree.

Canopy Thinning

Remove bits of foliage from the whole canopy area, without changing the tree’s overall shape.

Crown Reduction

Remove the very top branches to make the tree shorter and less bulky.

Selective Pruning

Remove dead and dying branches and problem areas, promoting healthy growth and shape.


Trim the whole tree to achieve a desired shape.

When do trees need surgery or maintenance?

You could be forgiven for thinking that trees can just stand there and grow, but the reality is that they often need a bit of human fine-tuning to keep them healthy and problem-free.

If your trees fit any of the following criteria, give Ideal Tree Services a call on 0418293951 to discuss getting them seen to!

• Improper lopping or pruning

• Out-of-control growth

• Dangerous overhangs

• Too much leaf fall in pools, gardens, gutters

• Visibly damaged or dying areas

• Messy appearance

• Planned construction, renovations or extensions

• Storm damage